The Looff

East Providence Arts Festival, Crescent Park, Riverside, R.I. 

   10 am – 5 pm 



 IANDS Conference August 29 – September 1,  2019

Crowne Plaza Hotel 

KIng of Prussia, PA 

Mary will be a panelist Saturday afternoon August 31 at                                        2:45pm  


NDE/STE LEADING TO PSYCHICAL ABILITY AND MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE PANEL – MODERATED BY JAN HOLDEN, ED.D. Panelists Nancy Shobe, Janet Tarantino, mary Catherine Volk and Darryl Phillip. 

Mary Catherine Volk experienced an NDE at age 6.  Feeling the love of deceased grandparents kept her consciousness in the higher vibration of Love; protecting her body from going into fear and suffering the damaging effects of the disease. Her NDE gave her a gift of Knowing that life exists beyond this physical form and the power of positive  thought. She is the author of “Believe In Forever -How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loves Ones”