Mary Catherine Volk

best-selling author, Spiritual Medium, Emotion Body code practitioner and Speaker. She serves as an ambassador between the worlds. Her teachings are filled with inspiration, empowerment, and love. Since a Near Death Experience at age six, she was given a gift of knowing that life exists beyond this physical form.

In her new book, Trust it! You Have the Power Within You, Mary takes her years of experience to speak about the issues we are all facing since the pandemic. She has noticed the tremendous fear in people and knows that fear causes a lower vibration which is the opposite of where you want to be to access your intuitive guidance. With every thought and word, you emit a frequency that has a positive or negative effect. Be a master of your words! Bless a situation rather than criticize it.

This latest book teaches techniques to align your vibration with the higher realms. There are infinite possibilities when you think from a high vibrational state of gratitude, abundance and love. Create a life of endless possibilities. Your guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, teachers, and loved ones in Spirit are all ready to assist you.

Mary has studied with internationally known shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Eric Dowsett and spiritual medium James Van Praagh, Suzanne Giesemann.  She conducts workshops and has been the guest speaker at holistic expos, IANDS Conferences, RI Mental Health conferences and on radio and television shows.

Mary lives by the beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island and visits regularly with her family and grandchildren in Texas. She loves the outdoors, nature, art, theater, spirituality, and living a joyful life with family and friends.


Remember the last time you had a magical day? From the moment you woke up, the entire day floated together so smoothly. BUY NOW ON AMAZON!

The key to attracting abundance and ease in your life, no matter what is going on in the outside world, is to follow your Intuitive Guidance. The people you meet are exactly who you need to spend time with or they have valuable information for you. The key to attracting abundance and ease in your life, no matter what is going on in the outside world, is to follow your joy, your happiness. 

This book teaches you how to access your Intuitive Guidance through meditation, easy dowsing techniques, signs, and synchronicities. You have angels, spirit guides and loved ones in Spirit are all waiting to assist you. Just ask and you shall receive their love and support. 



Believe In Forever

How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones

Believe In Forever is based on first-hand experiences; detailing the specific signs. Our departed loved ones send a sign that has a significant meaning for us.

These humorous and heartwarming stories will give you chills as they touch your heart; teaching you to trust your own intuitive ability.

It was not just your imagination or an odd coincidence.

Our loved ones are near shortly after passing, to help us with our grief and to let us know their consciousness and love for us is eternal. They also come to celebrate joyful occasions. Family reunions, weddings, graduations and the birth of a new child. 

It was not just your imagination or an odd coincidence. This book teaches you to appreciate these signs of Love.   Purchase through the link below and the author will send you an autographed copy. Also available on Amazon and bookstores.

  • You can’t fake a goose bump! 
  • A must read for anyone grieving a loss or curious about life after death.
  • Makes a wonderful gift. 



Mary is Booking Private Sessions – Reserve your session now!-

Life is meant to be a Joyful Journey!

Evidential Mediumship Sessions –  Receive healing messages from your loved one in Spirit. Is your loved ones sending you a sign? Do you have something you wished you told them? It’s not too late. They can still hear you. Mary’s session are uplifting and heart warming.

Emotion/Body Code Session – A powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of trapped emotions. These emotions can exert a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices that you make, or self sabotage your success. The trapped emotion offer gathers around your heart and creates a Heart Wall that may block you from giving and receiving love freely.  Spiritual Mediumship – Emotion Body Code

Past Life Regression Session -Do you feel like you have lived before?  A Past life regression helps you connect to your past. Could recovering memories from a previous life help you in your current one? Past lives have helped some unlock trauma, explain anxiety or having a run of bad luck. You may be shown a past life where you were happy and successful and the memory of how to live a happy life today.

Home Energetic Space Clearing- Space clearings are a fantastic way to clear out the old energy and bring in the new higher vibrational energy of joy and abundance. Our homes are sacred space where we retreat and replenish our souls from the outside world. A space clearing is beneficial after a death, divorce, starting a new job, selling your house or moving into a new home or business.

Do you sense unknown or unwanted spirit presence in the house or property? They usually are previous tenants of the property who never left. You will learn fascinating information about your property. Someone in your family may have had a past life connection to the property and the Spirits recognize them. The Spirits have some amazing stories to tell. “If these walls could talk” The land holds an energetic blueprint of the past and New England has a rich and colorful past.

All sessions are available on Zoom (recorded). If you life in Rhode Island or neighboring states, an on site home space clearing is available. Contact me by email to discuss what session is best for you.  Send me an email with your questions to and/or to book an appointment.

 I am humbled to make such a wondrous discovery! The tranquility of the sea.
I am humbled to make such a wondrous discovery! The tranquility of the sea.  “Emelia Marie 2019”