Hi Mary,

I just finished reading your book several nights ago and I found it so inspiring. My mom and dad met you while vacationing down in RI last month and bought me your book. I recently lost my grandmother and my dog and I have had so many signs from them. After reading your book it just confirms that I am feeling their spirits are with me. Sometimes I feel like she is right beside me. I would like to purchase two books from you for 2 very dear friends that have lost loved ones recently. Thank you so much for helping me open my eyes to the see that my loved ones are still with me. It makes me feel at peace to know they are happy.   KIM K






Mary, your book has helped me so much. After losing my husband, I thought I was going crazy but now after reading your book, I realize it was my loving husband sending me a sign. After reading the chapter on dreams, I asked for and miraculously had a very vivid dream that evening. Thanks again for opening my eyes…… MOIRA

“Wow – Ask and you shall receive.

I had no intention of going to the Book Expo that day but something pushed me to attend. When I saw your book, Believe In Forever, I knew my departed loved ones had given me a sign to attend.  I loved speaking with you and getting clarification on my hunches and goose bumps.  As you say, “You can’t fake a goose bump!”  Bless you for having the courage to write this book, you have helped so many on this journey called grief.   Betsy Z. 


Met at the Wakefield Octberfeast Sept.2019