You Can’t fake a Goose Bump™


             Has this ever happened to you? You are talking about a departed loved one and all of a sudden, the hair on your arm stands up or you feel goose bumps! You are startled but realize this is not the first time this has happened to you. OMG! Did he/she hear me say that, was that a confirmation that my loved one is here? Is this possible? Do I dare tell anyone in my family for fear of them thinking I am crazy? Chills and goose bumps are just one of the ways we intuitively sense the presence and love of a departed loved one.

            Native Americans, shamans and indigenous societies recognize that love is eternal, and we are forever connected through the vibration of love. Spirit communication is natural, safe and as easy as breathing in these cultures. We are all born with natural intuitive ability to recognize and communicate with the spirits of our loved ones; yet we are taught not to trust this intuition, and over time it weakens. For many, the death of a loved one reawakens this ability.

            Death is not the end – It is just a transition. Our loved ones are not far, and they continue to send us their love and support. Many people will experience a very vivid dream they are reunited with their loved one and they appear healthy again and doing something they always loved to do. It appears as a dream, but you feel their love and know you were with them and you never forget it. Our loved ones retain their uniqueness in spirit, so each has their own significant sign that is relevant to them. Some send coins or feathers, birds acting strangely, favorite song, a scent of their cologne, lights blink and more.

These signs always appear just as you were thinking or speaking about them.

When you experience a sign, make note of the date. Is it your birthday, anniversary, holiday or special occasion for you or for your departed loved ones?  When you receive a sign, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “what was I just thinking or talking about? Realize that they are with you at that moment so take a few minutes to receive their love into your heart and thank them for checking in on you.  

            To learn more about the signs and increasing your own intuition ability; see my book, Believe In Forever -How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones available on amazon and  Mary is an author, spiritual teacher and shamanic practitioner specializing in holistic counseling for personal empowerment.

Article published in 2019 Rhode Island Health & Wellness Guide


Space Clearing

By Mary Catherine Volk


For your life to work well it is vital to have a good flow of clear vibrant energy in your home. Space Clearing is a fast and effective way to achieve this. The land holds the energetic charge of everything that has ever taken place on it and very thing that happens in a home becomes imprinted in the walls, furniture and objects. You know the old saying, “If these walls could talk”, trust me, they really do have a lot to say.  It’s the natural result of human habitation and can be described as an energetic “debris” that accumulates at the unseen level in much the same way as dust and cobwebs build up at the physical level. As well as contributing to the subtle atmosphere of the room, these energies also influence us, affecting how we feel and behave, dulling our clarity and vitality, and making us feel like we’re constantly pushing against the flow and unable to resolve difficulties.

Space Clearing is a unique process for clearing these stagnant energies. I will first check the flow of energy on your property for imbalances due to underground water, geological fault lines, technology, or emotional ‘residue’ left behind as a result of a trauma on the land. A Space Clearing consult is as much an educational experience as it is anything else and will leave the home or workplace in a more balanced harmonious state. Differences noticed by my clients include ‘more peaceful’, ‘lighter’, ‘more relaxed’ feeling. Essentially ‘Clearing’ de-stresses both the environment and the people living in the space. When our environment is at peace, then there is a good chance that we to will find peace.

Consider having a Space Clearing on your property before putting your home on the market to sell. It gets things moving and allows you to let go of the attachments you may have to the property.  Purchase a new home – to clear the predecessor’s imprints.  Experience odd or unexplainable occurrences – Space Clearing will locate the reason and resolve the issue.  Looking to move on after a divorce, job or life change – Clear the slate to build a firm foundation for positive change and clear the way for new possibilities to open.  

Space Clearing clears and lifts the energy in your home, to create a vibrant space for you and your family.

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Article published in 2019 Rhode Island Health & Wellness Guide